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PULS-CS-6X6-11 Steight KEY

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Steight KEY for printed circuit board

Steight KEY for printed circuit board
Instrument model: No
Instrument model: No
Batteries type No
Instrument model: No
Instrument model: No
Instrument type: No
Instrument model: FAST series, OMNIA-10/SLM1478, OMNIA-7/SLM-1476, OMNIA-9/SLM-1477, SAT EXPERT
Instrument model: No
Instrument model: No

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DELIVERY TIME: 5 working days (excluding transport);

INFORMATION: To receive information about the ordered parts, please write to wecare@roverinstruments.com;

NOTE: The spare parts ordered by mistake cannot be returned or replaced;

IMPORTANT: For security reasons, according to IATA directive, from the April 2016 the Forwarding Agent can not transport ION POLIMER BATTERY FULLY CHARGED, so the ROVER provide ALWAYS ION POLIMER BATTERIES partially charged.

--- FIX COSTS ---

1) PACKING and ORDER MANAGEMENT: For the completion of each order, you will be charged on the invoice (in addition to the cost of spare parts) a fixed amount of Euro 12,00*, due for the management and handling of spare parts required;

2) TRANSPORT costs for shipping to International: from Euro 25,00* to Euro 110,00* (depending on different Countries);

3) PAYMENT: Credit Card or PayPal;

*: Net quotation, on EX-WORK basis (* taxes, Duties and Customs NOT INCLUDED).


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